LV assembly line
  • Facilities matching International standards.
  • Reverse U shaped and straight assembly lines.
  • Assembly lines with lean concept and Poka-Yoke in built.

Impulse Testing
  • State of the art impulse facility.
  • Capacity up to 300kV peak.
  • Equipped with storage Oscilloscope for on line recording.

Casting Line
  • Automated resin mixing plant from Germany.
  • Automated resin pouring system.
  • Automated process control facility with records for all CTQs for each step of process.

Testing Line
  • Faraday cage made with Metal sheets on all six sides and separate earth pit.
  • Separate Power line to ensure against line noise and Harmonics.
  • Leakage value of 1 Pc.
  • High voltage test up to 200 kV, 1 minute at 50/60Hz.
  • High frequency Generator up to 400Hz for induced voltage testing at higher frequency.
  • Source PD free up to 110kV.